Friday, December 28, 2007

Thing17. One New Thing

As I've learned about the things on the list that Ann has organized, compilled,and elaborately displayed in a way that I could learn, I did discover new things that were a wonder for me. But one thing that I like to share is that I finally am able to create my own library on my web page. I visited many reliable websites that Ann has suggested, and I added several interesting books relating to my career in teaching to my library.To me , it was a real discovery because I didn't know how to do this before.CREATING MY OWN LIBRARY on my web page will save me a lot of time from navigating , and searching again and again for a specific book to read and do my work.I have plan to teach my level 2 students to create their own library, but first of all they must learn how to create their own webpage properly.Some students have their own webpage already.

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Ann WS said...

This is a great blog--you are a MILI star. I love the translation links, the pictures are great, and it is clear you are busy learning and teaching. Wonderful inspiration!