Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thing#11 All About Google

I spent some time exploring the features of google. In addition to my gmail , I can use the calendar as my prep. or notes for important meetings and my night classes etc...
I can use the documents page to do my dairy, idea about things I want to do. There are spread sheets to do too.I compiled some favorite photos from my country that I miss. I collect some not copyright photos for my classes too so that when I need them I do not have to spend too much time finding them from thousands photos on the web. I attempted to do group work but my intended team members who I invited them to join are too busy to respond to me .This is just the beginning only. For my google reader I added subscription to science, national georgraphy, news & video. When I tried to use youtube, I failed because the access has been denied. My account so far shows : blogger,books,images,maps,news,readers,schoolars where I can access the things related to ESL teaching stuffs & video. I subscribed to bloglinesbeta , and I drag-and drop my fellow classmates feeds/blogs to it. It was amizing to me!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It sounds like agreat accomplishment for me eventhogh it may look like a piece of cake for others!

Finally , today I am able add feeds to my blog , and subscribe to all of my Metronet Information Literacy Initiave fellows class mates. I am able to read and keep up with my fellow bloggers more conveniently just by clicking on the list of my feed!
I was about going to give up by trying so many time ,but when I kept reading and reading more resouces , I lastly got it!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thing 10

I used the plagiarism quiz to introduce my students to ethical and unethical use of information or intellectual property. We worked out together in class as a whole . One student volunteered to read questions. For each question he paused and the whole class tried to answer. Not all anwered correctly.Some students still thaught that if they changed some words , and used their own words , it would not be a plagiarism. I then must explain to them what is right or wrong. I show the quiz on the projector, large enough for the whole class to see.It was like a session of Content ESL in Laws. It took us the whole class time because we really talked and discussed the issue.The argument went at lenght but with good reason.
I explained the differences bethween the copyright and the plagiarism to my students.
The resources I used were : Plagiarism and Copyright What are the differences?
CopyRight Office, Taking the Mystery Out of Copyright(This source was very helpful. The visual aid tool was essential to assist my ESL students in learning.) The 10 Big Myth about Copyright Explained quiz was very helful too.
I tried to explain to my students that "intellectuel theft" is a crime. They need to cite the source , use the cotation , and give credits to the authors.

Thing 9

I've been using the projectors in my classes for many years . It was helpful to motivate students to learn, but depending on the availability of using the VCR, TV, and films was sometime frustrating.Now with the birth of the new and advanced technology , I can find and use streaming video in my classroom more convenienly. So far I use unitedstreaming video to teach word concepts, and any new lesson unknow by my students.Streaming video is reliable resources and it is a catalyst for discovery for my students.There is a great advantage of using the power of the video. It is worth a thounsand of words!

Thing 8

Introducing Information Literacy to my classes was interesting. Doing this I followed the five steps of the PRC. I POSTED THE 5 STEPS on the class room wall. I EXPLAINED TO STUDENTS WHAT THE 5 STEPS MEAN. Students appeared to be more awared that Information literacy is very broad. It's about academic libraly,assessment,pedagogy,learning to learn, finding up dated information for research project,ethical use of it.
Many of my new students needed extra help on how to use the computer to present their work. To teach some students how to blog was challenging , but others were excited to learn, and learned fast too.
I read the thing 8 intruction several time before I perused the links complied by Karen Eiden. I found the information useful.People around the world are using blogs as PR , and as new way of teaching. Students are no longer excited about the lecture.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thing 7

Last week , I tried to introduce my students to RPC.I SHOWED THE 5 STEPS on the projector,and explain to them that it was an essential tool for them to learn , to use , and to internalize it for their future use in life at work. I spent a very long long time with just the step 1. in helping them how to form their question on one topic of their liking.

I introduce step 2 to them 2 days later. We work on the unitedstreamline working on word concept, but I explain to them that we could find many information about the topic of our research. It took me a long time for students to be able follow the steps of finding the link.
Sofar my students are familiar with google doing some very simple research project.
Several of my students are very interested in using information literacy, but it takes me a lot of time helping them.

Thing 6

I studied the RPC 5 steps for students and teacher to follow when doing a research. I found it very helpful for both students and teacher. For students step1. they should create questions about the topic of their research with the help of the teacher. step 2. students must gather the information, but teacher has to provide the relevent resources to students. step 3.Students should conclude their work. step 4. They must communicate, and step 5. they must evaluate their work.
I like the way the T chart explains each duty.For each step what should a student do and what should the teacher do? to facilitate the student.
This make it clear for both students and teacher to work and learn.

Thing 5

I took 2 classes on how to create a teacher's web page. It was my hope to better communicate with my students even when some of them are sick , they should be able to know what they should do to catch up with their peers in class. Currently I share my page with my school building web page . The content I put in were: my introduction of who I am, what education I have, my experiences, what I teach,my philosophy in teaching,my work phone number and my email address, my expectation of students...
I 'm planning to add my syllabi; tests ; home work and educational links for students to learn and enjoy learning.

Thing 4

I am happy to have a quiet time for myself today to explore public libraries. I'm glad that I can use my public library card account number to access to soooo many libraries!
I have been collecting some AUDIO books for my students , and I email some ebooks to my gmail address so that I can use them easily in my classroom.I took advantage of my long weekend Thanksgiving break to read these books.

Thing 3 RSS/Feed Aggregator

I tried to set up my aggregator account using Bloglines , but when I tried to add feeds for my fellow MILI blogers's blogs to my reader, I could not see the feeds I did. I need to learn more about this . I read many times about RSS at Wikipedia. I watched Teachers 2.0 Bloglines Tuttorial video.I 'm still trying to figure out what to do again. With this process , it made me think more about some of my students who are struggling with their learning. I become more empathetic with my students.I 'll use differentiate instruction more often with them.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Using Unitedstreaming in my class was helpful!

In the last two weeks , I was working on "Fabrics" for my ESL Content ESL CLASSES.
Students are from 0 level to 2.We were strugging , both my-self and students to work on the concepts. When I showed the vidio clips from the United streaming related topic to students, it made a difference. My students were more engaged , and asked me questions about this lesson. My students were able to hear, see and read the summary of vidio clips.Thanks for the Info. Literacy. I'm glad, I decided to join!

Monday, November 5, 2007


It's been a very fun and joyful experience since I start to blog and post. I like to read people's post too. I feel that I learned ,and shared some feeling with other posters.