Monday, December 31, 2007

Thing 20.Podcast & Audio Books

I was looking for the meaning of the term Podcast from Wikipedia ,and it was a digital media file. Since I have two weeks of winter recess ,I spend most of my time reading blogs and experimenting things about Information Literacy.I need to practice a lot for proficiency. I start to like to listen and watch the podcasts more than reading form books.

The audio books are fun and interesting. I downloaded some of them to share with my class during the DEAR time (Drop Everything And Read). Many of my new comers do not know how to read by them-selve.Most of the time I read to them. Now that I have AudioBooks at all levels of readability.With my large project , I showed the audio books illutrated with animated pictures of the characters to students .I am so thankful to the inventors!

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Karen said...

You are doing such an amazing job, Banlang, exploring all these things AND applying them in the classroom. You are an inspiration!

Here's an article which might be an inspiration for you . . . it's about using audiobooks with ELL students: