Friday, December 28, 2007

Reliable Online Resources Thing 14

I'm so glad that there are reliable resources available free on the Internet.I am so thankful to those who worked for these to assist the learners.Especially the "Librarians Index to the Internet, Internet Public Library,DocuTiker, DMOZ & Complete Planet.I love the explore more about the NGO activities. I was involed with this Non Governmental Organization sometimes ago when I went the 4th World Conference in 1995 in Bejin China. If we do not chose the right/reliable resources and save them to help students use the correct websites, our students could be influenced by negative ads.We could lose our students interest in working with the proper websites. I have a plan the show and introduce my level 2 ESL students to use the websites I mentioned above before they get caught by negative and tempting websites that will keep them away from learning what is good for their life.

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