Monday, February 25, 2008

Working with early Interediate ESL students

Working with early Intermediate Level ESL
Teacher should:

- Assist students to actively developing receptive vocabulary.
- Promote students to Produce one & two- word answers to short sentences, and make them recite and repeat poems, songs, and chants.
- Students can retell simple stories using pictures and objects, and can engage in dialogues, interviews, or role-plays.

*Provide opportunities for contextually supported activities
*Model processes expected of students while verbally guiding students through tasks
*Use scaffolding techniques through out lessons, assisting and supporting
student comprehension
*Expose students to patterned or predictable books
*Provide opportunities for expression in speech and print for a variety of purposes and audiences

*Structure group discussion
*Provide some real texts

*Provide opportunities to create oral and written narratives
*Structure a variety of realistic writing experiences and include opportunities for journal writing, student-authored stories . and language experience activities.

*Use higher level questioning techniques to elicit generative responses
(Accountable Talk,I FL)
***Use data from results of classroom activities & assignments to determine what to teach next.

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