Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Center of Attention/Differentiated Instruction

The Center of Attention
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I'm posting this teaching strategy for my student teacher.Birds are flying different ways too so our students them-selves learn at different pace.
Beginning Preproduction

-Simple repeated amounts of English instruction
-Rely on visual and other clues for understanding
-Students may illustrate characters, objects, and actions to convey meaning.
*Provide opportunities for active listening , incorporating props, visuals aids, and real objects into presentations
*pair or group students with more proficient speakers of English
*Conduct shared and guided reading that incorporate prior knowledge and involve the use of visual and graphic supports
*Use and involve students in physical movement and expression
*Involve students in literacy activities and provide students with exposure to written English
* Have students label and manipulate real objects and photographs or illustrations
*Pause during lessons to allow students to process and reflect on the information they are learning.
Source:Hampton Brown

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