Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thing#11 All About Google

I spent some time exploring the features of google. In addition to my gmail , I can use the calendar as my prep. or notes for important meetings and my night classes etc...
I can use the documents page to do my dairy, idea about things I want to do. There are spread sheets to do too.I compiled some favorite photos from my country that I miss. I collect some not copyright photos for my classes too so that when I need them I do not have to spend too much time finding them from thousands photos on the web. I attempted to do group work but my intended team members who I invited them to join are too busy to respond to me .This is just the beginning only. For my google reader I added subscription to science, national georgraphy, news & video. When I tried to use youtube, I failed because the access has been denied. My account so far shows : blogger,books,images,maps,news,readers,schoolars where I can access the things related to ESL teaching stuffs & video. I subscribed to bloglinesbeta , and I drag-and drop my fellow classmates feeds/blogs to it. It was amizing to me!


Terry McDanel said...

I went to a meeting where they used Google Docs to post the agenda. Attendees of the meeting freely changed the agenda as was necessary.

SuperNova said...

Yes, Google seems to be adding new features all the time. It is trying to stay ahead of the pack I guess. I have seen Google Earth used recently and it looks fascinating. Some students were honing into where they lived in Somalia and it brought the landscape into clear perspective from aways up in space. I am interested in having students use Google in new ways besides basic searching. Good topic Banlang and I will try some of these new products.