Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thing 7

Last week , I tried to introduce my students to RPC.I SHOWED THE 5 STEPS on the projector,and explain to them that it was an essential tool for them to learn , to use , and to internalize it for their future use in life at work. I spent a very long long time with just the step 1. in helping them how to form their question on one topic of their liking.

I introduce step 2 to them 2 days later. We work on the unitedstreamline working on word concept, but I explain to them that we could find many information about the topic of our research. It took me a long time for students to be able follow the steps of finding the link.
Sofar my students are familiar with google doing some very simple research project.
Several of my students are very interested in using information literacy, but it takes me a lot of time helping them.

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