Friday, October 26, 2007

*I will have blog and able to control the publishing of each entry my self.

Blogs can enhance learning and increase motivation in literacy and across the curriculum. Imagine the opportunities that blogging can bring into the classroom:Posts,comment back, ways to use weblogs in education, using wiki on improving instruction. I beleive blogs offer a gtreat potental to transform learning and teaching. It's about new literacy appropriate for this time. I will teach my students to blog and converse about literacy in lass. The ability to post and also to direct the blog will make my students proud of them-selves. To achieve this goal , I would need the assistance of my team:Bob and Terry.

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--Deanna said...

I think blogs and wikis and such can be especially useful in building confidence in youth who might otherwise be afraid of being laughed at when sharing their ideas in front of the rest of the class. I'll be curious to hear how your use of these tools with your ESL students works out!